Canvas to Digital                                                                                     rev 07.06.2019


If you have original art work you have created and you have people wanting to purchase it from you but you don't want to part with the original, or want the option to sell prints, I have a solution. My digital service converts your art work to digital.  I also print your copies on multiple Epson professional media including: photo paper, metallic, watercolor, or canvas for Giclee, either stretched or just the print. You can now choose either to keep the original and sell your art as prints or Giclee.  See my printing service also on this website.


Fee: $15.00 per art piece with 7-pieces of art minimum or $105 minimum fee due to studio setup time..... (read more details below)

Sealed, glazed, etc, or not sealed preferred, I work with all art pieces.  You and a friend may combine art in same session to meet the minimum fee.

You will have the digital files and can print with any printing company. Be sure you get an Archival Print for your ease of mind. 



I've been working with over 20 clients converting their Art to digital since 2010 just as they have occasionally ask me to do and now I'm starting to build that business more. 

Mom says I've had a camera around my neck since 3 years old. Yes I started with film. Actually I remember using a Kodak Brownie Camera. Later Minolta SLR, Kiev Medium format, now my 3rd. Digital Nikon. You can find my Photo Art in 5-Galleries, 3-Cities, and 2-States and on Stock websites. 



Nikon D800E 36.4 megapixel, full frame, full sensor, Lens 24-70mm F2.8 and 70-200 F2.8, in a studio setup with metered balanced lighting. I shoot and edit in Raw format, then converting to .jpg, and .tif for your files and because the files are so large, I also give you a reduced size .jpg for web and social media.


Ratio / Cropping:


Big question that I get ask a lot. Why can't I print a 9 x 12 from a 20 x 30 canvas original but I can print a 4 x 6?  I will help you understand what sizes you can print without cropping or distorting your images.


I prefer shooting at my home studio, or in "O"Gallery in the Arcade, downtown Nashville. I also print and if near by I can deliver to you, face to face or via package service. We will capture 10 or so of your art pieces in an hour by camera. Editing takes 8-20 minutes each depending on Art Work being sealed or not.  I prefer to capture art pieces before you seal them its easier to prevent glare. Sealed is a little harder to work with but not a problem. If we are at my home studio, you and I can then edit your work together. I use a color matching process while capturing your work which decreases editing time. Sitting side by side to edit your work, we can more easily see blemishes that you may want retouched before creating a file to print from.


Files will be sent to you by Dropbox (preferred) or disk. Dropbox is free up to 3-Gig which is plenty and if you sign up with my  Dropbox  link I get extra free space. If you later get someone to sign up from your link, you also get additional free space.

You will receive these standard files and formats but others are available:

            .tif     120meg -250meg approx.

            .jpg    20meg-60meg approx.

            .jpg   800kb -1.1meg approx.  (web) small size version not printable if stolen from your website.


Fee: $15.00 per art piece with 7-pieces of art minimum or $105 minimum fee due to studio setup time, which includes Artwork shoot, edit time of each digital file and making your art ready for professional quality prints. For an additional $10 we can print a 10 x 20 montage on photo media of your 7-pieces for color proofing. Full size prints for proofing are available.


Travel to your location would be at additional $1.00 per mile round trip from Ashford Court, Hendersonville, TN. 37075 and would require an area 10 feet between camera and art piece, and 15 feet wide clear working area.