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Created 18-Oct-21
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Kate is a self-taught artist who found her passion early in life. At a young age, her father told her that eyes are the window to the soul. From there, she started sketching album covers and posters. Music is an inspiration in her art. Whether the subject is a musician, a horse, a form, music is always present with Kate's art - even if she's just dancing while she paints. Translating the music into visual art became something she loves doing. Kate gets to know the people and the subject she does commissions for as she believes it adds depth.

If you want a print, an original or are interested in commissioning Kate for yourself, please call or text 248 752 2638.

Thank you for your interest.
Johnny 24 x 36Billie 24 x 36Dancers 24 x 36Nina 24 x 36Willie  36 x 36Aretha 36 x 48Horse 18x24Marilyn 12x16Norma Shearer 12x16Nude 1  36x48Nude 2  36x48Nude 3  36x48Nude 4  36x48Nude 5  11x14Nude 6  11x14Nude 7 11x14ZZ Top 30x40

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